Antikhuset in Gustavsberg is specialized in china and works of art made by the well-known artists from Gustavsberg Stig Lindberg, Lisa Larson, Wilhelm Kåge, Berndt Friberg, Karin Björquist, Bengt Berglund, Margareta Hennix and others. All items are vintage and in good condition, unless otherwise noted. The website will be updated with new items on a regular basis, so please visit us from time to time. Nowadays, Antikhuset is only an online shop, so you can no longer visit the shop in the habour of Gustavsberg.

If you live outside Sweden and use Paypal, please write an e-mail and put your order to info (at) ahg.se.

If you don’t find what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to ask. We have more items in stock that is not uploaded to the website.

Use the article number (for example AHG123) for each item in your contact with Antikhuset. The e-mail address to Antikhuset is: order (at) ahg.se

Translation of Swedish words found on the website:
Porslin – Porcelain
Keramik – Ceramics/Works of art
Smycken – Jewellery
Konst – Art
Diverse – Miscellaneous
Nyinkommet – Newly arrived items
Att köpa – To buy
Om Antikhuset – About Antikhuset